LOOK. LOOK AGAIN 2012 exhibition brochure

Held in 2012, LOOK. LOOK AGAIN was the first major exhibition of the Collection after it was gifted to The University of Western Australia in 2007.

This brochure was produced to accompany the exhibition LOOK. LOOK AGAIN. It features an overview essay by exhibition co-curator John Cruthers and nine colour reproductions of key works from the Collection.

Download LOOK. LOOK AGAIN brochure

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What’s it like for a young woman artist trying to make her way in the artworld of today? Bella Chidlow is a recent art school graduate interning with the SHEILA Foundation. Here

“The Australian slang term ‘sheila’, a derogatory term for a woman, is a relic of another, more sexist time. But, like other contested words, it has been reclaimed and reappr