Sheila benefits from the expertise and time of highly-regarded professionals to assist with project development, particularly for the groundbreaking Into the Light project. Our thanks go to:


Dr Juliette Peers | Art Historian
Juliette Peers is a creative thinker, historian, curator and cultural producer. Her interests span classical art and design history, popular culture, feminism and cultural politics. They favour unstable, outlying, queer and feminist narratives, engage with images and mythologies of the feminine and traverse film, literature, dance, celebrities, fandoms, royalty, statues, public monuments, fashion and dolls. She taught design history at RMIT University from 1994-2019 and has worked as a curator on projects with public galleries across Australia and in Europe, Britain and North America, as well as employment at both the National Gallery of Victoria and the McClelland Gallery.

Anne Gaulton | Paintings Conservater
For Anne Gaulton, in her role as conservator, working with artists, curators and art historians has become an essential and most loved part of her practice. The Into the Light project offers such a wonderful opportunity (even though the artists are long gone) to discover something of their lives, artistic intentions and the arts and social fabric of the day.

In a similar role, but with living contemporary Australian artists, Anne regularly works alongside artists to assist with conservation aspects of art making, long term maintenance and installation. She sees increasingly that the conservation profession itself also has a social context, despite its valid technical and material concerns, both in terms of what is valuable enough to be conserved and who does the conserving. The art object can no longer be treated as a singular thing but must be understood in terms of its complex historical and contemporaneous relations.


Alexandra Mitchell
Annabelle Mentzines
Bridget Hoban
Eliza Burton
Jennifer Yang
Maria Karageorge
Robyn Johnson
Stephanie Cusick-Markerink