“I feel Sheila takes notice of what is needed and offers opportunities. Being heard and then helped is empowering.”
Elvis Richardson

A.M.E. Bale, Self portrait c. 1906

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Thank you! Your donation to Sheila will enable us to begin to overturn decades of gender bias by writing Australian women artists back into our art history and ensuring equality for today’s women artists.

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Become a Friend of Sheila and receive invitations to special events and all Sheila’s latest news while supporting Australian women artists. Friend Membership is $100 per annum. To become a friend, email Karen at or contact us.


All donations are managed by Sheila Foundation’s board and will always be utilised for the purpose you intend and in accordance with the Foundation’s legal and governance obligations. Our administration costs are kept to a minimum so that the most impact can be made on our programs.

Sheila Foundation is a registered charity (Sheila Foundation Limited ABN 90615950911 / Sheila Foundation Gift Fund)
SHEILA is a Deductible Gift Recipient. Your gift is fully tax deductible.
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ATF Sheila Foundation Gift Fund

Becoming a major donor or corporate partner will allow Sheila Foundation to support Australian women artists, past and present, and allow you to make a real and lasting impact on our cultural heritage.

SERA WATERS. Survivalist Sampler, 2019-2020Cotton, glow-in-the-dark thread,found materials on repurposed linen 45 x 42 cm.Courtesy the artist and Hugo Michell Gallery,

Become a Major Donor

Major donors – private, philanthropic and corporate – are invited to work with Sheila to fund existing programs or to develop new programs which align with the Foundation’s goals and the donor’s interests.

Major donors are essential to enable Sheila to provide consistent and long-term funding to acknowledge and celebrate the contribution of women to Australia’s art history and promote equality of opportunity for women artists today and in the future.

Sheila will work with you to recognise your donations in ways that are meaningful to you and ensure you are kept up to date about outcomes.

Contact us to become a Major Donor

Corporate Partnerships

We welcome corporate partners who can provide in-kind or financial support. We can work with you to tailor a recognition package that provides you and you employees with benefits. For further information please contact Katrina Burton, Sheila Foundation Director on 0402 072 072.

There are two Donor Circles – the Into the Light Circle and the Champions Circle. Being involved in a Donor Circle means your funding has direct impact and gives you access to curator-led sessions and special events.

Marie Tuck, The Sewing Circle c. 1910

Join a Donor Circle

Into the Light Donor Circle – A pledge of $2,000 per year for three years
Your support for this Donor Circle will allow Sheila to bring women artists back ‘into the light’ by acquiring and preserving their works so they can take their place in public collections.

As a member of the Into the Light Giving Circle you will receive invitations to Cruthers Collection exhibition openings, have opportunities to attend special Sheila events which give an insight into our art history and the Collection, and receive information about Sheila’s projects.

Become a Into the Light Donor

Champions Donor Circle – A pledge of $1,000 per year for three years
Funds from this Donor Circle enable Sheila Foundation to support and celebrate contemporary women artists through acquiring their work to add to the Cruthers Collection of Women’s Art. This keeps the Collection vibrant and supports the practices and careers of the artists whose works are acquired.

As a member of the Champions Donor Circle you will receive invitations to Cruthers Collection exhibition openings, have opportunities to attend special Sheila events which give an insight into Australia’s art history and the Collection, and receive information about Sheila’s projects.

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Sheila would like to thank our donors and partners for their invaluable contribution to help support, promote and advocate for Australian women’s art and women artists.

Our Donors

The Cruthers family

DONORS – $20,000+
Katrina and Craig Burton
Julienne Penny and Gavin Bunning
Michela and Adrian Fini
The Ungar Family Foundation

DONORS – $5,000+
Caroline de Mori

DONORS – $1000+
Corinne Barton
Helen and Rose Cook
Robin and Liz Forbes
Fiona Harris
Jock Clough

Dr Sue Boyd
Warwick Hemsley
Anonymous (1)
Alice Mantel
Sris Ponniahpillai

Marilyn Burton
John Cruthers and Elaine Baker
Marisa D’Orsogna
Jenny Fairweather
Sue Mcdonald
Alexandrea Thompson

Kirsty and Stephen Carre
Sue Cruthers
JEM Foundation
Amanda Kailis
Nick and Claire Poll
Ingrid and Mark Puzey
Mary Ann Wright
Anonymous (1)

Allison Archer
Jane Beech
Emma Breidahl
Jeanette Connolly
Jane Good
Evelyn Hall
Alex Kyriakacis
Helen O’Sullivan
Sally Savini
Emily Milton Smith
Terri-ann White

Our Partners

Lotterywest                  Jackson McDonald



Sheila Foundation is grateful to our donors who, through their Will, generously choose to support Australian women artists.

Clara Southern Crysanthemums c. 1892

Create your legacy

A bequest will allow you to make a significant and lasting contribution to Australian women artists, past and present. It will mean your legacy will continue to create impact long after your passing and make a real difference to ensuring equity in our art community.

We understand that:

  • bequests can be highly confidential personal matters and often only discussed with family. We would love to know if you intend to make a bequest and to acknowledge you for that, but understand if you would prefer not to make your intentions known to us.
  • you have the right to change your mind about a gift in your Will, at any time.
  • you will have thought through how you would like to give in great detail and we will ensure your gift is used for the purpose it is intended and treated with the upmost respect and proper due diligence.

There is no minimum gift required to become a Sheila Foundation bequestor – any gift will help us to continue our mission.

Types of bequests

Bequests can take the form of:

  • A monetary or specific bequest
  • A residual bequest (a gift of all or part of the value of your estate after you have provided for your family, and other liabilities have been met), or
  • A proportional bequest (a specific percentage of your estate).

You can also include works of art in your bequest, however, Sheila Foundation can only accept works of art in line with our acquisitions policy. Our Board can discuss the Foundation’s collecting policies with you further.

Contact us for a confidential discussion

Wording for your Will

When drawing up or making changes to your Will, it is always best to consult a solicitor to ensure that your intentions are properly recorded and your wishes are carried out.

Some wording that may help you and your solicitor could include:
Gift of art: ‘I give my (clearly describe the work of art) to Sheila Foundation.’
Gift of cash or a proportion of your estate: ‘I give (proportion of estate or dollar amount or the residue of my estate) Sheila foundation Ltd for its use and benefit absolutely.’


‘I give (proportion of estate or dollar amount or the residue of my estate) to Sheila Foundation Ltd for the purpose of ( examples- acquiring works of art, programs that support contemporary women artists, research in to women artists to enrich the history of Australian art.)’

Intention of the Gift

It is Sheila Foundation’s preference that any gift in your will is untied, in that Sheila Foundation’s Board can use it to support any of our programs, according to need. In the time it takes for your gift to come to us, our programs and priorities may have changed and we want to ensure that your gift is used in the most effective and impactful way. However, if you would like to leave your bequest to a specific program or area of our work, we suggest you speak to us to ensure that we will be able to carry out your wishes.

Donations in Memory or Named Donations

You may choose for their giving to be in the memory of someone special, for example a family member or close friend or mentor. This allows their name and legacy to continue on for many years to come. There are many ways of doing this including a straight donation or encouraging donations in lieu of flowers at the funeral.

If you would like to make a bequest in a loved one’s name or give a gift in memory of a loved one, please get in touch with us, so we can work together to decide how this could best be achieved.


Sheila Foundation respects those who wish to remain anonymous in their giving and bequests. Please let us know if you would like your gift to be confidential and anonymous.

Recognition of your bequest

If you do choose to leave a bequest to support Australian women artists through Sheila Foundation, we would like to recognise your generosity in a way that suits you, including;

  • inviting you to become one of our Bequest Circle Members, receiving dedicated communications and event invitations.
  • formally acknowledging you on our website and in annual reports.

The Bequest Circle acknowledges and honours the important role that bequest donors play in securing Sheila Foundation’s ongoing stability and success. It also allows you to meet with other Sheila Foundation donors and become part of our growing community.

To become a member of the Bequest Circle you simply need to let us know that you have included Sheila Foundation in your Will, either via email, letter, phone or in person.

Information for Solicitors and Executors

If you are a solicitor or executor of a Will with a bequest left to Sheila Foundation, please feel free to get in touch with us anytime to discuss wording, programs or any other details you may require. We would also welcome the chance to include you in our events and updates.


Sheila Foundation strongly urges all donors to speak to a tax professional about all tax matters, before making any donations or bequests, to ensure your wishes can be carried out.

Contact us

If you would like to discuss the possibility of leaving a bequest, or if you have already chosen to leave a bequest to Sheila Foundation, you can contact Director Catherine McMahon to discuss this further. Please know that all conversations will remain highly confidential.

Tel: 0416 033 023 / Email: