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“If we value women’s art less than we do men’s, then we need to rethink what it is that we value in art. If women’s art doesn’t slot neatly into the art historical narrative, then that story needs to be rewritten.” The Saturday Paper’s Meaghan Wilson-Anastasios looks in detail the gender imbalance of women representation in the arts whilst addressing key findings of The Countess Report 2019.

The Saturday Paper: Gender bias in the art world. Read the article.

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“The Australian slang term ‘sheila’, a derogatory term for a woman, is a relic of another, more sexist time. But, like other contested words, it has been reclaimed and reappr

What’s it like for a young woman artist trying to make her way in the artworld of today? Bella Chidlow is a recent art school graduate interning with the SHEILA Foundation. Here