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“The latest report (30 October 2019) found that there has been ‘significant gender equity gains across public galleries, artist-run initiatives, major museums and university galleries, biennales, commercial galleries and contemporary art organisations. But it also warned that there has been about a 3% decline at state galleries and museums.” The Arts Hub’s Gina Fairley explores writes about the visual arts gender parity findings in The Countess Report 2019.

ArtsHub: Win for women, as new report shows increased gender equality in the visual arts. Read the article.

Image: Amy Prcevich and Elvis Richardson at Seventh Gallery, Melbourne. Artwork pictured by Ellen Yeong Gyeong Son, In the name of love. Photo by Phoebe Powell.

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What’s it like for a young woman artist trying to make her way in the artworld of today? Bella Chidlow is a recent art school graduate interning with the SHEILA Foundation. Here

“The Australian slang term ‘sheila’, a derogatory term for a woman, is a relic of another, more sexist time. But, like other contested words, it has been reclaimed and reappr