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“I’ve seen a lot of art. Two things are inherent in this statement: I’ve seen a lot of bad art, and a lot of art by men. Ergo: I have seen a lot of bad art by men. I think it’s time some women got a chance.” Following The Countess Report 2019 publication, the Guardian’s Jane Howard writes about the gender imbalance across the art sector and what needs to change.”

The Guardian: All I want to see is more bad art by women. Give someone else a chance to fail.

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“The Australian slang term ‘sheila’, a derogatory term for a woman, is a relic of another, more sexist time. But, like other contested words, it has been reclaimed and reappr

What’s it like for a young woman artist trying to make her way in the artworld of today? Bella Chidlow is a recent art school graduate interning with the SHEILA Foundation. Here