The Sheila Network inaugural event. Photo by: Krysta Guille.

Advocacy for Artists

Since launch, Sheila Foundation has created different ways to support contemporary Australian women artists to overcome roadblocks in their careers and to gain momentum.

The Sheila Network

Sheila has started collaborating with women artists and visual arts workers to find ways to come together to create opportunities for them to share knowledge, skills, experiences and opportunities. The first Sheila Network event was held at John Curtin Gallery in Perth in late 2021. We look forward to developing this program further based on the input and feedback of women in the visual arts sector.

Champions Donor Circle

Members of the Donor Circle make it possible for acquisitions of artworks by contemporary women artists to be added to the Cruthers Collection of Women’s Art. This allows the Collection to develop and importantly provides Australian women artists with financial support and encouragement for their practices and reputations. Donors make a commitment of $1,000 a year for 3 years.

Become a Champion Donor

Events, Blogs, Publications and Collaborations

Sheila promotes the work of contemporary artists and emerging art historians through events, publications, blogs, social media and collaborations. The Foundation also acquires works to gift to appropriate public collections, including the Cruthers Collection of Women’s Art. For example, we were delighted to announce the purchase of three significant colourfield paintings by Australian women artists at the launch of Sheila in May 2019.

Despite being small, Sheila is effective and agile. One of the ways we do this is through collaborations and partnerships. Two of our key partnerships are with The University of Western Australia and The Countess Report. We also collaborate with Australian art organisations including the National Association for the Visual Arts, the Australian Centre of Contemporary Art and Museums and Galleries New South Wales. We will continue to grow these relationships and new collaborations, recognising that together we can make big things happen.

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