In the Press: ABC Arts

“Try naming five male artists, contemporary and historic … easy? And now five women. For most people this is much more difficult.” ABC Arts’ Eloise Fuss writes about the gender inequality for female representation, particularly in state galleries, as highlighted in The Countess Report 2019.

ABC Arts: Gender representation in Australian contemporary art sector reaches parity, but major galleries still lagging. Read the article.

Image: Amy Prcevich and Elvis Richardson led a nationwide team of volunteers processing data from 13,000 artist. Photo by ABC Arts: Jade Cantwell.

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“The Australian slang term ‘sheila’, a derogatory term for a woman, is a relic of another, more sexist time. But, like other contested words, it has been reclaimed and reappr

What’s it like for a young woman artist trying to make her way in the artworld of today? Bella Chidlow is a recent art school graduate interning with the SHEILA Foundation. Here