Sheila Foundation Impact Report 2019/2020

Sheila Impact Report 2019/2020

It is a year since Sheila Foundation was officially launched by Elizabeth Ann Macgregor OBE. What a wonderful night it was, and how things have changed for all of us in this time. The disruption to the Australian arts industry over the last few months shows how vulnerable it is and how important support organisations like Sheila are.

We want to share with you what we have achieved with the support of our donors in our first year.

We are proud we have developed our strategies and programs that help women artists now and help fill in the gaps in our art history; partnered with other organisations to promote women in art; developed a strong supporter base; and been an important part of the national shift towards recognising the importance of our women artists past and present.

We have put together an Impact Report to summarise what we have been working on since launch, the progress made and what is next.

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Cover of Into the Light – The Cruthers Collection of Women’s Art, University of Western Australia Publishing, 2012, pp 130.

Into the Light – The Cruthers Collection of Women’s Art

(UWA Publishing Custom, Perth, 2012, 130 pages, 104 colour reproductions)
The Cruthers Collection of Women’s Art is one of Australia’s most fascinating specialist art collections. Assembled since 1974 by collector and patron Lady Sheila Cruthers, the collection showcases the work of Australia’s women artists from the 1880s to the present. Lady Cruthers gifted the Collection to The University of Western Australia in 2007 so it could remain intact and available to the public. Her generosity provides a means by which current ideas about Australian art and art history can be reconsidered in a new light.

Into the Light tells the story of the collection, and presents a compelling view of Australia through women’s artwork, historical photographs and essays. Providing insight into art history and contemporary developments, it is a must for collectors, artist and art lovers. The mixture of iconic and previously unseen images gives this beautiful collection book richness, depth and originality.

Into The Light was published to coincide with the exhibition LOOK. LOOK AGAIN held at the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery in October-December 2012.

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Cover of In the Company of Women: 100 years of Australian women’s art from the Cruthers Collection, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, Perth, 1995, pp 80.

In the Company of Women: 100 years of Australian women’s art from the Cruthers Collection

(Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, Perth, 1995, 80 pages, 62 colour and 20 b∓w reproductions)
In the Company of Women was the first public exhibition of the Cruthers Collection of Women’s Art and represented the Collection after 21 years of collecting. It was developed by the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts as a major visual arts event for the 1995 Festival of Perth. The exhibition was also part of the National Women’s Art Exhibition, a nation-wide art event to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of International Women’s Day, through over 140 exhibitions and events at galleries and museums in every state and territory.

The accompanying publication includes an introduction by PICA director Sarah Miller and essays by Catriona Moore, Melissa Harpley, Isobel Johnston and John Cruthers.

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Held in 2012, LOOK. LOOK AGAIN was the first major exhibition of the Collection after it was gifted to The University of Western Australia in 2007.

LOOK. LOOK AGAIN 2012 exhibition brochure

This brochure was produced to accompany the exhibition LOOK. LOOK AGAIN. It features an overview essay by exhibition co-curator John Cruthers and nine colour reproductions of key works from the Collection.

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Still from Open House

Open House

(Produced by John Cruthers, 2012, 26 minutes)
After their return to Perth from New York in 1989, Sir James and Lady Sheila Cruthers regularly opened their house in Bird Street, Mosman Park to provide art historians, curators, critics, writers, artists and other collectors with an opportunity to view the Collection.

In August 2006, before leaving the family home for a retirement apartment, they staged the final open house. This intimate cinema verite documentary, photographed and edited by Ray Argall, follows the preparation and staging of the event and allows viewers to see the Collection installed in its original home. It includes extended interviews with Jim and Sheila about the history of their collection.

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