Become an Into the Light Donor

Thank you! Your Into the Light Pledge will help paint Australian women artists back into our history.

The Into the Light Circle brings together donors willing to pledge $2000 per year for three years to acquire and preserve such works, ensuring they help complete the picture of our art history. As an Into the Light donor you will be invited to Cruthers Collection exhibition openings, special Sheila events and projects which give an insight into our art history and the Collection, and artist and curator tours.

All donations are managed by Sheila Foundation’s board and will always be utilised for the purpose you intend and in accordance with the Foundation’s legal and governance obligations. Our administration costs are kept to a minimum so that the most impact can be made on our programs.

Sheila Foundation is a registered charity (Sheila Foundation Limited ABN 90615950911 / Sheila Foundation Gift Fund)
SHEILA is a Deductible Gift Recipient. Your gift is fully tax deductible.

DGR DETAILS: Sheila Foundation Limited
ABN: 90615950911
ATF: Sheila Foundation Gift Fund