“Our collecting was motivated by the love of for the work and the joy of living with it...”
The late Lady Sheila Cruthers and Sir James Cruthers, March 2008

Your support will ensure SHEILA can create a world where art exhibitions and collections include 50% women to reflect the world we live in.

SHEILA aims to grow an Endowment Fund to ensure future sustainability and to raise funds to support specific projects. To achieve these ambitious goals, we need your support.

The Endowment Fund

Donors are invited to contribute to the Endowment Fund to enable SHEILA to provide consistent and long-term funding to acknowledge and celebrate the contribution of women to Australia’s art history and  promote equality of opportunity for women artists today and in the future.

The goal for the Endowment Fund is $2 million. The Cruthers Family has given $600,000 to date. 

SHEILA invites those who share our passion and our vision to contribute now as Founding Donors by pledging upwards of $100,000. Founding Donor packages can be tailored to meet donor needs and staged over a number of years.

Contact John Cruthers on for more information.

Project Donors

You can make one of SHEILA's projects a reality. If you feel drawn to any of the Current or Future Projects, you can direct a donation to that Project and be involved it making it a reality.

Contact John Cruthers on for more information.

Giving Circles

Are you particularly interested in Contemporary Art, Indigenous Art, art that helps Fill the Gap in the historical record, or in providing Scholarships? There are so many options to support special projects and join a group of fellow enthusiasts. If you would like to form or join a Giving Circle, we would love to assist you.

Being involved in a Giving Circle brings you closer to the Collection and gives you access to curator-led sessions and special events.

Contact Katrina Burton on for more information.

SHEILA is a Deductible Gift Recipient. Your gift is fully tax deductible.

Sheila Foundation Limited ABN 90615950911
ATF Sheila Foundation Gift Fund
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Travel with us and find out about exhibitions, events and lectures. Join us to celebrate Australian women’s art and artists.

                          The Countess Report, 2014.

                            The Countess Report, 2014.

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